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Congrats To The 9th Legion For Winning Season 32!

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The Top 25 DB1/Omaha Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General of the Army SomeBudlight 1983
News From The New Club
1/6/2014 - Congratulations to Onslaught for winning the December Monthly Tournament! The Annual Masters Tournament is underway. Good luck to all participants! AAWC has experienced its first tie ever in league play history! Squadron League 32 - a tie for #1 spot at 165 points for both 9th Legion and Night Fighters! Squadron League Season 32 Playoffs have begun. Congratulations to the top 3 teams; #1.) 9th Legion, #2.) Night Fighters, and #3.) Stuka. First place gets a bye to the finals, Second and Third place will face off for the right to play in the Finals. Good luck to all 3 teams!
10/15/2013 - Attention All Members!!! We need your help promoting our club. Make sure to "like" our Facebook page. You can also hang fliers and word of mouth also works well. If we all pitch in this club could prosper once again! Congrats to Onslaught for winning the Sept monthly tourney and the runner up was VanBattlesick. We have the Road to Rome tourney underway and the Masters is just around the corner. The new Squad League season 32 is gearing up with a start date of Nov 1st. You have just over 2 weeks left to get your team ready.
9/28/2013 - Please welcome Srgt-Saunders as AAWC`s new Tournament Director! We have a Race To Rome Tourney (anzio) Starting Oct 5. There will be an Oct Monthly Masters Qualifier Tournament (omaha). This will be ONLY for members that didn`t get a Masters Invite. Nov Monthly will be Juno all out war. Masters will begin Sat Nov 30. December Monthly is Pearl Harbor (juno).
The Top 25 DB2/Kremlin Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Marshal of The Soviet Union lack 1867
The Top 25 DB3/Juno Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Fleet Admiral Russian_Conscript 1802
The Top 25 DB4/Utah Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Field Marshal SomeBudlight 2087
The Top 25 DB5/Gold Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General pastordh 1853
The Top 25 DB6/Sword Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General Feld Marschall lack 1782
The Top 25 DB7/Anzio Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General SomeBudlight 2079