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Congrats To The Wild Cards For Winning Season 34!

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The Top 25 DB1/Omaha Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General of the Army SomeBudlight 1973
News From The New Club
3-8-15 Amenlam and M4a1 will battle it out For the Winter Open Crown, Can M4a1 repeat? - March Monthly first round went smoothly, thanks guys for getting your games in on time! - We have another Major Tournament starting toward the end of the month World at War Utah. - We also have April Monthly coming and the players will pick which Database they want to play.
3-1-15 DeathMatchGee has returned to the Cabinet, Welcome back Bro! - March Monthly Has Started (Utah) - We have a Major Tournament Starting March 28th World at War (Utah) - Squad Season is heading into the last month of the season - Congrats to TheWraith for winning the Feb Juno Monthly and earning a spot in 2015 Masters - Congrats to Caesar205 for winning the 2014 Masters! Onslaught was runner up. Well Done Guys!
1-23-15 Squad League is trying to make a comeback! Please show your support on the message boards. - Jan 31 we will start our first Major of 2015.(Winter Open Omaha) - Feb 1st we will have a Juno Monthly Tournament.
The Top 25 DB2/Kremlin Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Marshal of The Soviet Union Indy-ColBra 1902
The Top 25 DB3/Juno Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Fleet Admiral petebu 1906
The Top 25 DB4/Utah Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 Field Marshal SomeBudlight 2092
The Top 25 DB5/Gold Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General pastordh 1920
The Top 25 DB6/Sword Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General Feld Marschall VanBattlesick 1888
The Top 25 DB7/Anzio Players
# Rank Username Rate
1 General SomeBudlight 2208